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Biographies & Memoirs

Helping people write their memoirs, biographies about loved ones, the story of their family history and the like. If you have a story you want preserved, I can make it happen. I work with you to create a manuscript, which you can then print as a book that generations of your family will cherish.

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Content Marketing

Need an article or other online content? I have written for many magazines, websites, blogs, corporations, small businesses, marketing and public relations companies, radio programs and more. In addition, I write white papers, press releases, newsletter copy and other content marketing products, and work as a ghostwriter.

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I am a whiz-bang editor. Whatever you are writing, I can professionally edit your document or manuscript so it's ready for publication or whatever your goal. If you are self-publishing a book--and whether you hire me or someone else--make sure you have it professionally copyedited. It's a critical step!

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Editing: One Of My Superpowers

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Editing is one of my superpowers. It’s not as flashy as scaling skyscrapers or similar, but it does come in handy.

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The Past, Present & Future of a Time Capsule

When he left his “time capsule,” their Uncle Curt didn’t know there were people yet unborn who would one day think about him because he’d done it. He didn’t know they would be so excited and so grateful. He didn’t have any idea how much the clues he left behind would help them.

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Swabbing My Cheek For Deep Ancestry

There’s family history and then there’s family history. I’m going deep.

I just swabbed the inside of both my cheeks, put the swabs into a vial, and stuck them in a package, ready to zip it off to National Geographic’s Genographic Project.

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Book Review: ‘Reunion, A Search for Ancestors,’ by Ryan Littrell

I was hooked early on by a passage in Reunion about looking at a photograph of two nineteenth-century ancestors; that passage almost could have been pulled out of my own head. I think about things like this. Do you?

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Storytelling For Fun & (Business) Profit

You can use your epic start-up story to make employees feel like they are part of something amazing, and, of course, to draw in customers. To show them what is special about your company. To make yourself stand out from the competition.

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Saving Face, & Voice, & Stories

My father died way before we were all walking around with cameras capable of recording video and audio in our pockets (or our hands).

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Post-Hoopla Report

When my space and work is well-organized, so too is my head.

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Memoir Reunites Cousins Separated 70 Years Ago

It all happened because one of these first cousins, separated by the Holocaust when they were young boys, wrote a memoir that the other one happened to see. What a dramatic story illustrating the power of writing down your family history!

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Record a Personal History & Stop the World

Why we take the time and make the effort to record people’s stories, their personal histories.

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Personal Historian

Have you dreamed about recording a parent’s story? Or about writing your family’s history, and the path it took over the decades – now, while your grandparents can still tell you what they know? How about documenting the history of a company you built up from nothing, or recording the life of a long-beloved family home?

This is where a personal historian comes in.

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Greetings from Hawaii!

One of my specialties is writing content about these beautiful islands. Let me know how I can help you.