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Biographies & Memoirs

I am a ghostwriter who helps people write their memoirs, biographies or the story of their business or family history. Capturing and helping to preserve someone's story is very satisfying! (Photo: Portrait of Marcus Sparling seated on Roger Fenton's photographic van, 1844. Source: Library of Congress.)

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Content Marketing

Need an article or other online content? I have written for many magazines, websites, blogs, corporations, small businesses, marketing and public relations companies, radio programs and more. In addition, I write white papers, press releases, newsletter copy and other content marketing products, and work as a ghostwriter. I specialize in writing about anything Hawai‘i (and write about other topics as well). (Photo: The Malling-Hansen writing ball, first produced in 1870 and the first commercially produced typewriter. I don't use that. Source: Wikimedia Commons.)

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I am a whiz-bang editor. Whatever you are writing, I can professionally edit your document or manuscript so it's ready for publication or whatever your goal. If you are self-publishing a book--and whether you hire me or someone else--make sure you have it professionally copyedited. It's a critical step. (Photo: This is not how I edit. Source: Wikimedia Commons.)

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Thanks For All the Fish!

We made it to the end of the month, you and me!

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Hitting ‘Send’ on Book Manuscript

These descendants are now, more than 100 years later, about to have a huge family reunion, and will have this book available for any of the many, many descendants who want to learn more about how their family came to be. There’s information in this book that I’d wager most of them – or maybe even all of them – don’t know. We dug pretty deep to find some of it.

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The Sound of Kids Chattering in Hawaiian

I had forgotten about writing this editorial about kids speaking Hawaiian, but stumbled upon it online today (while looking for something else!). It was a long time ago. In fact, I wrote this article during the first year I was freelancing as a writer. The newspaper I wrote it for, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, doesn’t even exist any more, for crying out loud. But […]

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Time Travel Incident?

Don’t you want time travel to be real? I do. How interesting would that be?! This article, All The Evidence that Time Travel is Happening All Around Us, is really fun. It opens with a clip from a 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie that shows an extra walking down the street who seems to be talking on a cell phone, which someone only noticed in […]

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‘Content Marketing,’ Whatever That Is

The phrase “content marketing” is rather a new buzz phrase, but creating the stuff isn’t new. “Whether you realize it or not,” writes contributor Jayson DeMers, “chances are your business is already using content marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy.”  He wrote a good article about content marketing, what it is, and what types of content typically […]

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What Memoir Is About

“It’s not about me.”

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‘Writing the Hawaii Memoir’ is Published

I love the cover, which was designed to make it look like a Hawaiian composition book. Isn’t it great? Leslie Lang, Writer, Ghostwriter, Memoir, Biography, Family History, Editor, Hawaii

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Driving to a Hawaiian Volcano

We really live in a remarkable place.

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The Magic of Letters

This woman’s story really struck me.

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What Do You Tell Your Children?

Research shows how important it is for children to hear those stories, and how much better they do if they know them.

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Greetings from Hawaii!

One of my specialties is writing content about these beautiful islands, whether it's related to Hawai‘i's business, travel, people or anything else. My writing experience is extensive and my family roots here run deep, so I can help you with most any kind of writing about Hawai‘i.

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